June 07, 2014
By Siobhan Misc, Site, Uncategorised 2 Comments

Unfortunately, Celyn has decided to step down from running Captivating due to constraints in life offline. She has decided to hand the site back to me and I want to thank her for doing such a fantastic job in the time that she was here!

I will soon be uploading a brand new look for the site, as well as a few extra images to our gallery for you all to see. As always, if you have any comments, donations or questions please pop in the comments for this post and I will read them as soon as I can.

2 Responses to “Siobhan is Back!”
  1. Joe Says:

    Welcome back Siobhan! And thanks for your efforts Celyn!

  2. Bill Morrison Says:

    Nice to see you have returned. The site did not have the same heart in it without you. I am friends with Ed Fornelies on Facebook. Did you see the modern family cover he did? I showes him with Felicity and three children. I wrote him and asked if this was something he let slip by. He replied it was very hard for him…poor guy he still loves her. She is very private so we do not hear much from her that is not staged. I appreciate your work…Bill M.

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