December 30, 2014
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A while ago I found a sweet video and photoshoot from the Variety Studio earlier this month, but completely forgot to add it to the site! The video was aired a couple of days ago on PBS, but for those in other countries – or if you missed it – you can watch it by clicking here. Enjoy!

December 29, 2014
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With a huge thank you to ‘Sylvia’ I have added 3 quirky new photos of Felicity posing for last week’s Sunday Times. It’s a much grittier look than the one we’re used to seeing from Fliss!


I have also stumbled upon a nice little snippet of information, telling us that Felicity has recently bought a new apartment overseas.

British actress Felicity Jones recently bought an apartment in Brooklyn, New York and intends to split her time across both sides of the Atlantic.

The Theory of Everything star purchased the Stateside home because she prefers a permanent base in the U.S. rather than constantly checking into hotels while working in America.

She tells The Sunday Times Style magazine, “It’s important to have a home base when you’re travelling all the time… although I’m getting good at making hotels homely as soon as I get in – a little candle, some throws to put around.

“My priority right now is to buy cushions for my new place and make it as cosy as possible. I just bought a big rug from Ikea that I’m very fond of. Thank God for Ikea!”

December 28, 2014
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The Belfast Telegraph released this lovely little article featuring Felicity yesterday:

Felicity Jones feels lucky when it comes to the roles she has played.

The British actress is currently starring in The Theory of Everything, a biopic of physicist Stephen Hawking’s private life, as he and his family deal with his motor neuron disease diagnosis.

The 31-year-old plays Stephen’s wife Jane, a strong character who keeps the family going.

“I feel like I personally have been lucky,” Felicity told the British edition of Esquire magazine when asked if there were enough complex roles for women out there. “If the part isn’t always there on the page, I’ve had good relationships with writers where there’s an openness to bring more to the role.

“But you know, Reese Witherspoon is producing Wild, Angelina Jolie is now directing. That’s really important, to have women in those roles. There will be more great female parts, the more that happens.”

The Theory of Everything doesn’t shy away from showing the realities of coping with such a dilapidating illness.

Eddie Redmayne takes on the role of Stephen, and the film is hotly tipped for Oscar success.

“Some days were hard,” she admitted. “But Eddie and I had got to the point where we were reading each other very well, so it made doing those scenes a lot easier.

“It’s lovely to have made something people have a visceral response to. It’s just very exciting. You don’t get to make films that are purely character-driven, it’s very rare, and so I am revelling in it, actually.”

Does anyone else, like me, still find it difficult to believe Felicity is 31 years old already?!

I have also found this nice little video from The Hollywood Reporter featuring Felicity:

December 27, 2014
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I hope everyone has been enjoying the festive period! Today I have added some scans from Felicity’s first magazine spread of 2015 – featured in Tatler magazine.


I have also uncovered some lovely images of Felicity and her co-stars, taking last month, at a small screening of The Theory of Everything in New York.


December 26, 2014
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The first trailer for Felicity’s 2015 film True Story was recently released. You may be fooled into thinking this is a comedy with the cast line up for the film – but it looks like an incredible thriller!

Now that I finally have internet once more (house move complete at last!), I have also added some photos of Felicity attending the London premiere of The Theory of Everything to the gallery.


November 30, 2014
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Two weeks ago Felicity and co-star Eddie Redmayne attended the 18th Annual Hollywood Film Awards, I was a bit slow in updating again (I promise I’m getting there!) but here are over 80 beautiful pictures from the event.


Throughout the past month I have been updating the gallery with new images behind the scenes, including event photos and professional shoots. Do check out the latest images page regularly to catch them all!

November 16, 2014
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I returned home today to a lovely message from the kind Ali, to share these beautiful pictures of Felicity in December’s InStyle magazine – enjoy!


November 08, 2014
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I must apologise for my sudden disappearance! Being the clumsy klutz I am I knocked a glass of water onto my laptop and had to send it in for repairs – and thus I missed all of the Theory of Everything promotions (typical). However, I am hoping to make this up to you by sharing over 100 beautiful, albeit slightly delayed, photos from the past week of Felicity out attending screenings and premieres for her newest film. Click on the different thumbnails to be taken to individual albums or use the written links below.



October 27, 2014
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Last week Felicity attended the NYC screening for Theory of Everything, I have added nearly 30 photos of her looking relaxed with her co-stars while taking part in an Academy Guild panel.


As well as this, some photos of Felicity sporting a sexier look for November’s GQ Magazine have also been released online. We are used to seeing a more demure style so this is certainly a bold move for Felicity. Personally I think it’s great to see her bravely baring all and appealing to a different target audience, and of course – she looks as stunning as always!


October 21, 2014
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Last night Felicity attended the Theory of Everything New York premiere with her co-stars from the film. She looked as elegant as ever in an unusual black dress.