January 09, 2015
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As one of the most prestigious awards in cinema the BAFTAs do create a huge amount of excitement. I am delighted to share (though not surprised of course because we already know she’s brilliant) that Felicity has been nominated for the Leading Actress award! She is nominated alongside the also fabulous Rosamund Pike and the very experienced Reese Witherspoon.

I am sure you will join me in wishing her all the luck at this year’s BAFTAs!

Reese Witherspoon (Wild) and Rosamund Pike (Gone Girl) have received nominations, along with Felicity Jones (The Theory of Everything), and will go against each other in the fight to win this year’s Leading Actress gong.

The other two actresses in the running are Julianne Moore (Still Alice) and Amy Adams (Big Eyes).

Speaking shortly after learning the news of her BAFTA nod, British actress Felicity told the Press Association from Los Angeles: ‘It’s midnight here. We’re just about to go to bed, but we’ve all been emailing each other and exclaiming with excitement.

‘I’m looking forward to celebrating with a glass of champagne and Skyping my family.’

Eddie Redmayne has also received a nod for Leading Actor for his role in the critically acclaimed biographical movie about Stephen Hawking’s life, The Theory of Everything.

The popular film has done well in the early stages of awards season, getting nominated across the board for various awards ceremonies, and it has received nine BAFTA nods in total: as well as Leading Actor, it’s up for Best Film, Outstanding British Film and Director for James Marsh.

FELICITY JONES The Theory of Everything

January 08, 2015
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This morning Felicity arrived at LAX for more promotional events. She stopped at the airport to sign some autographs for her fans – looking very casual-chic in a black leather jacket.

Despite her long-haul flight, the stunning actress was happy to sign autographs for fans after touching down at Los Angeles International Airport.

With her dark tresses tied back in a relaxed ponytail, the 31-year-old looked a little tired as she made her way through the terminal.

The Like Crazy star even took it in her stride when she was seemingly accosted by eager supporters while walking down an escalator.


I have also added some additional photos of Felicity appearing on US television to promote their new film. The following are from Good Morning America.

Finally, thanks to Diario, I have added some lovely photos of Felicity and her co-stars and crew members taking part in an on stage Q&A at The Contenders screening in California yesterday.


January 07, 2015
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Yesterday Felicity and her co-stars headed on to New York to continue their promotions for her newest film The Theory of Everything.

First Felicity attended a film luncheon, dressed elegantly in a Prabal Gurung silk blouse and skirt.


She later changed into a bold blue dress to accompany Eddie to a screening of the film.


January 06, 2015
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I apologise for posting an update twice in one day (it can be confusing I know), but this was too great to wait until tomorrow.

Earlier today Felicity took part in a live discussion, answering questions from fans, with HUFFPOST Live. Watch the clip below:

January 06, 2015
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To continue their promotional period for The Theory of Everything Felicity and her co-star Eddie took part in the Screen Actors Guild question and answer conference last night. Click on the previews below to see over 20 photos from the event.


January 05, 2015
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Today I have added some photos of Felicity and Eddie taking part in a discussion at the screening of Theory of Everything during the Palm Springs International Film Festival this weekend. Does she look adorable in that dress?


Also, with a huge thank you to the fabulous Helen, I have added over 150 more high quality photos to our gallery from the festival itself!


January 04, 2015
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For her first outing of 2015, Felicity attending the annual Palm Springs Film Festival – looking stunning in a navy blue dress.


January 01, 2015
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IndieWire has released a series of videos in which Felicity talks about her newest film The Theory of Everything. She discusses how she prepared to play Jane Hawking and the challenges behind portraying a real person on screen.

The website has also released an accompanying portrait photo, which I have added to the gallery as well.

December 31, 2014
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I would like to take a moment to wish all of our visitors a very happy and safe New Year! We’ll see you on the other side in 2015…

December 31, 2014
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Last month, Felicity was featured in the Oscars edition of The Wrap – she really is making a name for herself isn’t she?


A little video was also filmed alongside the photo shoot and article. Watch it here!

Felicity Jones has been the romantic ingénue, the 19th century mistress and now, in “The Theory of Everything,” the stoic and deeply loving wife of theoretical physicist Stephen Hawking (Eddie Redmayne), a role that required her to play a real-life character over more than 20 years. As Hawking loses his ability to walk, then eat, then speak, Jones as Jane Hawking must step in to provide all the tools of daily life.

Sharon Waxman: Did you feel the weight of carrying so much of the film’s dialogue?

Felicity Jones: Yes. We both felt a responsibility to Jane and Stephen because they are extraordinary people, and wanting to bring all the truth and nuance of their relationship. A lot of that came from watching documentary footage, meeting caregivers and patients, seeing what that’s like, just trying to understand that relationship and that dependence on each other. We’re really lucky [director] James Marsh gave us months of time to prepare and just be in a room together, make loads of mistakes and make fools out of ourselves. It was just building up trust with each other.

SW: Talk about the complicity between you and Eddie. Was it a real thing or did it come from rehearsal?

FJ: Yeah, we came across it all the time. There’s a moment in one of the documentaries about Stephen when one of his caregivers is feeding him champagne on a spoon. We would see that and think, ‘We need to put that in the film.’ The story is based on Jane’s memoir, which was written after Stephen left her for his nurse. But there’s nothing vengeful about it, you just see this incredible devotion. We both felt that the moment when Stephen and Jane break up is in the spelling board scene. That’s when something in the relationship is broken and they can’t carry on anymore. The profundity of this incredibly intelligent man who will no longer be able to speak is just incredibly overwhelming for both of them. So when they do break up later on, it’s more that there’s a letting go of each other. When Stephen says he’s going to America with Elaine, they both acknowledge that it’s over, which is the painful moment for them.

SW: Did you spend time with Jane?

FJ: I did. I met her at the end of the rehearsal process. When you start to inhabit the character and work out who this person is, it’s nerve-wracking when you meet them quite late on, because you think, ‘Well, gosh, if this isn’t right I’ll have to start again.’ I met Jane and she has this incredible ability to command a room. There is something of the battle general in her, which I felt in the scene where Stephen’s father says to Jane, ‘This is going to be a huge defeat,’ and she says, ‘No, it’s not. We’re all going to pull together.’ In meeting Jane, I saw that in her, she does have this will and determination. They are a true match for each other.

SW: Did she give you any advice?

FJ: Absolutely. But you don’t just horse in there straight away and start asking personal questions. We spent time and got to know each other. She was very generous, showing pictures of her and Stephen when they first met, and showed this very intimate side of their life. They didn’t give us any sort of limitations; they trusted us wholeheartedly.

SW:How else did you prepare for the part?

FJ: I had to go and work out at the gym. I hate going to the gym. I was like, ‘I’ve got to get really strong.’ You find you’re lifting a full-grown man from the chair to the bed, and it takes enormous physical strength. You have to be tough physically and tough emotionally. Every day, I was sort of like, ‘Jane has to have 10 pairs of hands.’ I have such respect for her. Both of them, you know. They’ve both got struggles, but in different ways.