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UK Vogue February 2014 Scans

Felicity has a lovely new interview and photoshoot in February’s issue of UK Vogue, and scans have now been added to the gallery (courtesy of TFS), along with HQ untagged version of the shoot. Enjoy!

Gallery Links
Press > 2014 > Feb – Vogue UK
Photoshoots & Portraits > Session 056

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“The Diary of Anne Frank” HD Screen Captures

Back in 2009, Felicity starred in a TV mini-series based upon the diary of Anne Frank, playing the role of Anne’s sister Margot. Over 300 HD screen captures have now been added to the gallery.

Gallery Links
TV Productions > The Diary of Anne Frank (2009) > Screen Captures (Blu-Ray)

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Total Film’s 50 Most Exciting Actors of 2014

Felicity has appeared on Total Film’s list of the 50 Most Exciting Actors of 2014, and here’s what they had to say:

#27 Felicity Jones

The Exciting Actor: Jones won the Special Jury Prize at Sundance in 2011 for her role in Like Crazy and has been making interesting movie choices ever since, including Albatross, Hysteria and Ralph Fiennes’ upcoming Dickens movie The Invisible Woman.

Why 2014 Could Be Their Year: Jones has been teasing us about her role in The Amazing Spider-Man 2 all year, and she’s still doing it.

Will she play Black Cat? If anybody was perfect for the role, it’s Jones. Fingers crossed.


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“Doctor Who” 4.07 HD Screen Captures

Happy New Year to all our lovely visitors! Here’s to a brand new year filled with lots of Felicity-related goodness, including the release of The Amazing Spider-Man 2, where we will finally discover if Fliss is the rumoured Black Cat! For now, here are some HD screen captures from her guest appearance in the season 4 episode of Doctor Who, titled ‘The Unicorn and the Wasp’. Enjoy!

Gallery Links
TV Productions > Doctor Who (2008) > 4.07 – The Unicorn and the Wasp

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“Page Eight” Blu-Ray Screen Captures

I have just replaced the previous LQ screen captures of Felicity in Page Eight with some lovely Blu-Ray quality captures. Enjoy!

Gallery Links
Film Productions > Page Eight (2011) > Screen Captures (Blu-Ray)

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“Flashbacks of a Fool” HD Screen Captures

I have just re-uploaded over 250 HD screen captures of Felicity from her 2008 film Flashbacks of a Fool. More on the way!

Gallery Links
Film Productions > Flashbacks of a Fool (2008) > Screen Captures (Blu-Ray)

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Latest Public Appearances: Dec 09 – 11

Thanks to our dear friend Luciana, we have HQ pictures of Felicity from her last three public appearances, all promoting The Invisible Woman in New York from December 09 – 11.

Gallery Links
Public Appearances > 2013 > Dec 09 – “The Invisible Woman” NY Premiere
Public Appearances > 2013 > Dec 11 – “The Invisible Woman” Academy Members Screening
Public Appearances > 2013 > Dec 11 – SiriusXM Studios

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Felicity Jones in Vanity Fair (January 2014)

Felicity is appearing in the January issue of Vanity Fair, complete with a gorgeous retro-inspired photoshoot. I have found two pictures so far, but hopefully some more will surface soon.

Felicity Jones, who is 30, grew up in the small town of Bournville, on the outskirts of Birmingham, England. “There’s a village green—everyone knows one another—and I would walk to school from my house.” At 13 she made her first television appearance, and while preparing for a degree in English literature at Oxford University, she acted in student plays and continued to take roles in TV series. After graduating, she was cast in several feature films, including Brideshead Revisited (2008), and she gained worldwide notice for her work in the largely improvisational film Like Crazy (2011), for which she won a jury prize at the Sundance Film Festival for breakout performance. “I always felt like a magpie in terms of watching other people and learning from them,” she explains. This month she stars in The Invisible Woman, based on the 1990 book by Claire Tomalin. It is the story of the scandalous secret affair of Charles Dickens —married with 10 children— and an actress nearly three decades his junior. “In many ways, it’s equivalent to if a movie star met a young woman and had an affair,” says Jones, who plays Nelly Ternan, the great novelist’s young mistress. “Dickens was incredibly famous and well liked—people don’t realize the level of celebrity he had.” Ralph Fiennes, who plays Dickens, directed the film. “Ralph has unflinching integrity. I loved the fact that he was absolutely adamant that none of the women wear any makeup. He was very much painting a faithful and truthful portrait of Victorian England.” Jones seems equally enthusiastic about her upcoming appearance on HBO’s smash hit Girls. “I just can’t believe how revolutionary and exciting it is,” she says. “It’s not just about girls. It’s about human nature.”

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Felicity Jones: Cautious, Overprepared Actress; Reckless, Unrepentant Jaywalker

If Felicity Jones should ever go missing, there’s probably a simple explanation: She’s just gotten lost wandering the streets of Los Angeles. “Without sounding like a granny, I love walking,” says the London-based actress. So much so that on a recent December morning, she found herself perhaps the only person on Sunset Boulevard who wasn’t in a car. “I go for walks to keep my feet on the ground, because after five hours of press you go slightly insane at the sound of your own voice.” So she popped out of the Chateau Marmont, where she’s been holed up promoting her new role as Charles Dickens’s mistress in the Ralph Fiennes–directed period drama The Invisible Woman. “And I nearly got run over three times.”

Returning to the hotel harried and late to lunch, she admits it was her own fault for jaywalking. “You get halfway out and suddenly there’s a truck in front of you,” she says. “But I hate the idea of taking longer on your journey when you can just nip across the road.”

In her work, though, a slow pace suits her fine. Three years ago, at 27, Jones seemed poised to follow fast-rising starlets like Carey Mulligan and Jennifer Lawrence from Sundance into the mainstream after the film festival awarded her a special jury prize for her performance in 2011’s Like Crazy, Drake Doremus’s mostly improvised romance about a young couple separated by visa problems. Since her initial breakthrough, she spent a brief, hot moment as a muse to Burberry, but as an actress she’s mostly stuck to independent movies, including Doremus’s 2013 Like Crazy follow-up, Breathe In, which debuted with a thud at Sundance and still hasn’t been released in the U.S. She turned down the lead role opposite Julia Roberts in Mirror Mirror to do an eighteenth-century German play, Luise Miller, on the West End.

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New Owner & New Gallery

Hello everyone! My name is Celyn and I am very pleased to announce that I am the new owner here at Captivating Felicity Jones – huge thanks to Siobhan for handing the reigns over to me! I have been a Felicity fan since I saw her in Flashbacks of a Fool, and particularly love her performances in Like Crazy and Breathe In.

So, to start, I have revamped the entire gallery! The old one needed lots of work behind the scenes, so I have been very busy for the past few days downloading and sorting images, and replacing the majority of the images with HQ versions, especially in the Public Appearances and Film Productions sections. This means that a lot of the older posts will have broken image links, but I am going to try and work through and fix the errors as soon as possible. Most of the ‘Screen Captures’ albums from the Film section are also missing, as I am in the process of re-capping practically everything in HD quality, so stay tuned for updates as they are posted!

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