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May 11
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I have just added a lovely little video of Felicity posing for her recent Interview photoshoot, it’s a nice watch and is just over a minute long. Watch it below or pop on over to our video archive.

May 11

I have screen-capped Felicity’s appearance in Chalet Girl and added over 1,000 images from the film into our gallery. I really enjoyed the film and would recommend it to any Felicity fans out there!

May 11

On Friday Felicity was a guest at artist Todd DiCiurcio’s “Gold” Exhibition at the Cob Gallery. I have added 3 photos from the event to our gallery, including a shot with the artist himself.

May 11

According to various sources, Felicity’s BBC thriller film Page Eight will be shown to audiences at the Edinburgh Film Festival in June this year.

Sir David’s political thriller Page Eight, starring Bill Nighy and Rachel Weisz will have its world premiere at the festival in June.

Other highlights include Scottish director David Mackenzie’s new sci-fi thriller Perfect Sense.

It features Trainspotting stars Ewan McGregor and Ewen Bremner.

The film festival, which runs from 15 to 26 June, has had a difficult year.

Its previous director, Hannah McGill, quit in August and the event has lost major funding awards and sponsors.

The organisers decided on a new approach which would include fewer new features, no red-carpet events and no awards.

Sadly this means that is it unlikely we will have any new red carpet photos of Felicity, but hopefully the film will be picked up by a studio and will be released more widely for the rest of the world to see!

A short clip of the film was shown on the BBC in April, and someone has kindly uploaded the full collection of drama clips to youtube. Felicity is not featured, but if you would like to watch the clip, I have embedded the video below for ease.

Apr 11

With many thanks to Lorna, we have 2 images scanned from the May 2011 edition of Instyle magazine. Felicity’s style sense is clearly getting her noticed, as she has a feature in the magazine’s fashion page alongside the likes of Emma Watson and Carey Mulligan.

These images were scanned exclusively by Lorna for Captivating, please do not post them elsewhere on the web.

Apr 11
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The fabulous Flor has kindly donated 5 avatars, and two wallpapers for the visitors of Captivating to use, be sure to take a look! If you have made any Felicity-related fan art that you would also like to share, please send it in to webmaster@felicity-jones.org.

Apr 11
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Felicity has been nominated for a newcomer award at the National Movie Awards and she needs our help! If you would like to see Felicity winning, just click on the tickets below to begin voting at the official website!

Apr 11

A lovely snippet of news for you all today! With a huge thank you to Laron, I have been sent a short interview Felicity recently did for Interview Magazine, along with some gorgeous pictures which have been added to our gallery.

Felicity on Like Crazy:

RYE: Like Crazy was completely improvised. You made up every word of dialogue you spoke, didn’t you?

JONES: Yes. The way [director] Drake [Doremus] works is that we have the initial outline for each scene, and then we just experiment. So the takes are often a half an hour long. You may do 10 to 15 takes. But through that process there’s a dis- tillation. When you first start doing the take, you speak a lot, and there’s a nervousness. But by the end you find the right dialogue. Drake’s obsession is with capturing the moment and for something to come out of the acting that wasn’t expected. In reading the script, that was something I was excited about. It allows you, as an actor, to have complete freedom to explore.

RYE: Is it true that you sent an audition tape that included footage you shot of yourself in the shower?

JONES: Yeah. I actually shot three scenes in my flat, chosen from the script, that I thought would convey the way I wanted to play the character. Filming myself in the shower was just very instinctive. It was a close-up! But I didn’t really think about it then. Only afterwards I thought, He is going to think I’m completely insane. But by that time I’d already sent it.

Felicity on being compared to Cary Mulligan:

RYE: You’re being compared to other hot contemporary Brit- ish actresses—specifically you’ve been called the new Carey Mulligan. How does that sit with you?

JONES: I’ve always loved Carey’s acting, so it’s a privilege. I think comparisons are always an initial response, because people want to try to brand you. The more you work, the more people can see that you’re something different from what’s come before.

Felicity on Hysteria:

RYE: One of your next films is called Hysteria. What is that about?

JONES: I play Maggie Gyllenhaal’s younger sister. My character is a very prim, slightly stupid young Victorian woman.

Read the full interview here.

Apr 11

If anyone would like to see Felicity perform on stage, it seems she will be returning to the Donmar Warehouse from June 8th – July 30th to reprise the title role of Luise in Schiller’s Luise Mille:

Michael Grandage’s penultimate directorial work at the Donmar. Poulton and Grandage teamed up together on Schiller’s Don Carlos which was Grandage’s final production at Sheffield Theatres in 2004. This play, sometimes known as Intrigue and Love was written by the German dramatist in 1784. Ferdinand, son of the most powerful statesman in Germany is ready to give up everything for the love of Luise Miller, the daughter of a musician. Felicity Jones plays Luise, returning to the Donmar after her performance in Grandage’s The Chalk Garden.

Visit The Telegraph website to find out more.

Apr 11

Thanks to Hillie for the tip, I have been able to find an add 3 small promotional images of Felicity in Albatross, I’m glad to see her pretty long hair again!

The Cliff House Hotel: Beth Fisher is cramming for her exams in deperation to escape to university, dad Jonathan, once the bright young thing of the literary world, is suffering from writer’s block. Wife Joa runs their hotel but resents it, him and everyone around her as she gave up her ‘promising career as and actress’ for this.

Their world is soon turned upside down when seventeen-year-old aspiring writer Emelia starts a new job at the hotel. Building a friendship with Beth and embarking on a love affair with Jonathan, secrets are revealed and relationships explode as the threads of the story collide and unravel. Can Emelia get rid of the Albatross that hangs around her neck and rewrite herself?

(If anybody can find these photos in a larger size I would be very grateful to receive them!)

Current Projects
On the Basis of Sex
Released in 2018
Felicity as Ruth Bader Ginsburg
The story of Ruth Bader Ginsburg, her struggles for equal rights and what she had to overcome in order to become a U.S. Supreme Court Justice.
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The Aeronauts
Rumoured 2018
Felicity as Amelia Wren
Pilot Amelia Wren and scientist James Glaisher find themselves in an epic fight for survival while attempting to make discoveries in a hot air balloon.
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Swan Lake
Coming 2019
Felicity as Unknown
Synopsis coming soon.
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