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Dec 11

As you can see I have put a new layout up at the site. I hope everyone likes it!

I have also added some screen captures of Felicity’s performance in Flashbacks of a Fool to the gallery thanks to the very kind Tori.

Check back later for a very exciting Cheerful Weather for the Wedding suprise!

Dec 11

Felicity has been named one of celebrity’s ‘Best Dressed’ by ELLE magazine! I have also stumbled upon some images of Felicity leaving Fox 5 Studios in New York back in November showing off yet another of her fantastic outfits.

Check back later today for a brand new site layout ready for the New Year!

Dec 11
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Dec 11

The first of Felicity’s Dolce & Gabbana promotionals have been released. She is modeling to promote a new make-up and nail varnish line. Doesn’t she look stunning?

Dec 11
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Thanks to swan_song, we have a nice video of Felicity being interviewed on The Rachael Ray Show. I will add this to our own video archive asap.

Dec 11

I have found and added a nice and fairly rare scan from 2008 to our gallery. Felicity looks adorable with curly hair – a style she doesn’t often wear.

Dec 11

Felicity Jones is making a name for herself by being an onscreen persona with some serious relationship issues. The 28-year-old actress just earned a Gotham Award for her performance in the indie hit “Like Crazy” and landed the role of one of Howard Hughes’ love interests in Warren Beatty’s biopic of the eccentric millionaire, and now she’s landed another part as a popular historical figure’s main squeeze. The Daily Mail is reporting that she’ll play Charles Dickens’ mistress of 13 years, Nelly Ternan, in an adaptation of the novel “The Invisible Woman.”

Ralph Fiennes will direct the adaptation, and we’re hoping he’ll star in the film as Dickens as well. Fiennes is hot off his well-received directorial debut “Coriolanus,” which is getting an Oscar run in New York and Los Angeles starting today.

Considering the fact Dickens is one of the most well-known authors in the English language, it’s interesting that few films have been made about his life. According to Amazon, “The Invisible Woman” offers the “fullest account to date of Charles Dickens’s secret 13-year romance with actress Ellen “Nelly” Ternan.” Historical sources point at Ternan for being the reason Dickens separated from his wife Catherine, because the latter accidentally received a bracelet meant for Dickens’ mistress. The two never married.

Filming on “The Invisible Woman” is said to start during spring or summer 2012 with BBC films producing. It will likely be released at some point in 2013.

Dec 11

Yesterday Felicity attended the Hollywood Reporters breakfast and a Christmas party with other fellow actresses. I have added some images from both events to the gallery.

Thanks to felicityfans on livejournal, we also know that Felicity is featured in this months Vanity Fair Italia – I have shared those scans in our gallery as well.

Dec 11

As you can see we have a new Christmas theme up at the site for the month of December. Happy Holidays everyone!

I have also added some new photographs to the gallery from an LA screening of Like Crazy three days ago. Enjoy.

Dec 11

Last night Felicity attended the LA BAFTA’s looking stunning in a black Moschino dress. I have added some pictures to the gallery for you to see.

In other news, Teen.com has named Felicity one of The 11 Best Newcomers of 2011! Check out their article here.

Current Projects
On the Basis of Sex
Released in 2018
Felicity as Ruth Bader Ginsburg
The story of Ruth Bader Ginsburg, her struggles for equal rights and what she had to overcome in order to become a U.S. Supreme Court Justice.
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The Aeronauts
Rumoured 2018
Felicity as Amelia Wren
Pilot Amelia Wren and scientist James Glaisher find themselves in an epic fight for survival while attempting to make discoveries in a hot air balloon.
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Swan Lake
Coming 2019
Felicity as Unknown
Synopsis coming soon.
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