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Feb 13

Last night Felicity was a guest at the Chanel hosted Oscar pre-dinner party. Only one picture so far but she looks very glamourous.

Feb 13

Felicity has recently taken part in a photo shoot for Fourth & Main Journal. A huge thank you to the team at Fourth & Main for sharing with us these lovely behind the scenes photos from the shoot – I can’t wait to see the full thing!

Feb 13

The first official poster for Felicity’s film Breathe In has been released and added to the gallery.

Feb 13

With thanks to the very kind Becca, I have now added some screen captures from the short films posted in yesterday’s updated to the gallery.

Later: Those beady eyed amongst you will notice that I have added two new upcoming projects to the sidebar. Felicity has recently been announced to star in The Amazing Spider-Man 2 and True Story. Here’s what Deadline has to say on the news:

Fast-rising British actress Felicity Jones will play the female lead opposite Jonah Hill and James Franco in True Story, the Rupert Goold-directed adaptation of the memoir by Michael Finkel. Finkel’s the disgracedNew York Times journalist who resurrected some of his career after discovering that an accused murderer had stolen his identity, and that he would only talk to his namesake. Jones will play the journalist’s long-suffering girlfriend, who tries to stand by her guy even after his screwups cost them everything.

Jones next stars in Amazing Spider-Man 2, and her latest withLike Crazy helmer Drake Doremus,Breathe In, premiered in Sundance. She’s still scheduled to play the female lead in the Howard Hughes pic that Warren Beatty wrote, stars in and will direct. Jones is repped by WME and Independent Talent Group.

Feb 13

Felicity appears alongside another personal favourite actor of mine, Jack Davenport, in this ever so slightly fabulous short Donna Karan promotional film directed by Angelica Huston. I suppose this falls under the modelling category – isn’t she fabulous as always?

Feb 13

Thanks to Joe, I have now added the full photo shoot from Felicity’s appearance in the UK’s Metro newspaper. The photos were taken by the ever talented Kalpesh Lathigra.


Feb 13

Felicity has been featured alongside up and coming star Jeremy Irvine in the UK’s The Daily Mail. The short feature is accompanied by another pretty photo shoot.

From 1999 to 2009 Felicity Jones played Emma Grundy in The Archers, but her film breakthrough came in Ricky Gervais’s 2010 comedy-drama Cemetery Junction.

This year, Jones, 29, is set to play the title role in The Invisible Woman, a biopic about Charles Dickens’s mistress Nelly Ternan.

‘I’d grown up listening to The Archers, so my family were very happy when I got the part. It was quite strange eating your cereal and hearing your voice come onto the radio in the kitchen. I really enjoyed doing it, and it’s really good experience as an actor to concentrate on your voice.

‘Working with Helen Mirren on The Tempest in 2010 was such an inspiration – although for the first day, I couldn’t stop thinking I should be curtsying; it’s impossible not to see her as the Queen! Once you’ve recovered from that idea, she’s very straightforward and not intimidating at all. She’s someone I’ve grown up watching, respected and admired.

‘You realise sometimes, after a shoot, that you’ve been through a near-death experience.

‘Filming Cemetery Junction, I was with another actor, and we were running for a train in the scene. We had to run along the platform, then jump onto the moving carriage.

‘We did this several times, and then I lost my footing. I was about to fall between the moving train and the platform when the actor next to me, Christian Cooke, swooped down and hauled me back up. The irony was, there was a poster in the station pointing out exactly this hazard!’

BEST FILM ‘Skyfall (eight Bafta nominations) was excellent, and Argo (seven nominations) was great too.’

Later: Thanks to the very kind Ashley, we now have some screen captures from Felicity’s very first film The Treasure Seekers and from one of her newer movies Hysteria in the gallery.


Feb 13

I have added two, almost unseen photo shoot pictures to the gallery. The first was sent in by the very kind and talented Kal, who recently photographed Felicity for Metro magazine. The second is an unused out take from Stella mazagine in July 2011.


Jan 13

Last night Felicity’s newest film Breathe In premiered at the Sundance Film Festival. Felicity joined her co stars where she took part in 2 new photo shoots, attended the premiere and visited some special events. I have added the photo shoots and other photos to the gallery thanks to the very kind Nicole.



Finally, last week Felicity appeared in the daily London commuter newspaper the Metro. In the article Felicity opened up about the rumours surrounding the 50 Shades of Grey movie and it too features a lovely new photo shoot picture. Read a summary of the article here.

Jan 13

Last night Felicity attended the 14th annual Golden Globe awards. She looked as lovely as ever in a long pale pink dress posing alongside fellow actress Theresa Palmer from Australia. I have added 7 photos, thanks to Helen, to the gallery.


Current Projects
On the Basis of Sex
Released in 2018
Felicity as Ruth Bader Ginsburg
The story of Ruth Bader Ginsburg, her struggles for equal rights and what she had to overcome in order to become a U.S. Supreme Court Justice.
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The Aeronauts
Rumoured 2018
Felicity as Amelia Wren
Pilot Amelia Wren and scientist James Glaisher find themselves in an epic fight for survival while attempting to make discoveries in a hot air balloon.
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Swan Lake
Coming 2019
Felicity as Unknown
Synopsis coming soon.
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