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The trailer for Felicity’s movie “Collide” was released recently. It is the Japan version and we get a few clips of Felicity in it. 😀 Check out the trailer below and visit the Japan website here. There is not much on it right now though, but I wanted to share the link with you anyway. Also I’ve added one poster, two stills and screencaptures from the trailer. You can view these by clicking on the thumbs below as always! Annnd enjoy! 😀


I am a bit late with this but I thought I would post it anyways if you didn’t see it already. I’ve also added screencaptures from the video to the gallery. See the video below and click the thumbnails to go to the gallery (below the video). Enjoy!

Apologies for the delay, I think Mette is busy at the moment. I’ve popped back to tell you that the official trailer for ‘A Monster Calls’ for recently released!

Oh my, everyone! The release of the teaser for Rogue One was just released a few hours ago and ahhh!! I am so excited! You can watch it below. Screencaps coming asap! As promised screencaptures are up from the teaser, view them here!

April 29, 2015
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April 17, 2015
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March 22, 2015
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Edited: Four screencaptures from the teaser have been added to the gallery.

February 23, 2015
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