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Oct 11

Felicity Jones, burgeoning British starlet, is sitting in a booth at the Tribeca Smyth Hotel deconstructing the idea of the red carpet between sips of an orange juice and soda.

“The thing is, it’s drama; it’s theater,” Jones says of the old step and repeat. “The way I approach it is to see it as a character….Otherwise you can feel really self-conscious and actually it’s more fun than that. It doesn’t need to be taken that seriously.”

It’s midafternoon on a bright and warm October day and Jones is wearing a sleeveless knit Dolce & Gabbana dress. Her chunky brunette bangs almost brush her eyes. She is wearing very dark lipstick. The 27-year-old is somewhere on her day calendar between a taping of the “Today” show and the New York premiere that night of “Like Crazy,” which prompted the red-carpet discussion. Set for release Friday, the film figures to be as big as a largely unscripted indie romance can possibly be. The jury at the Sundance Film Festival awarded the movie its grand prize for drama in February, and handed out a special prize to Jones for her turn as a twentysomething forced into an intercontinental relationship after visa issues.

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Oct 11

Yesterday Felicity attending the premiere for her newest film Like Crazy in New York, looking simply stunning as always – I think I am in love with all of her outfits this year! Of course this means it’s very nearly time for those mere mortals amoungst us to catch a peek at the film, who else is excited?!

Oct 11

Although it aired a few weeks ago, I have finally screencapped Page Eight and added the images to the gallery for everyone to see. Felicity only had a small part in the drama, but it’s still worth a watch for anyone who enjoys political thrillers!

In other, site related, news – I am working on turning the style section of Captivating into a much larger feature…stay tuned for more excitingness!

Oct 11

Felicity and Anton recently appeared on 3TV promoting Like Crazy, check out the video below:


I have also added some new portraits and other images to the gallery, check out the latest images link to see them all.

Oct 11

Felicity is currently attending the London premiere for Like Crazy and the first few pictures from the event have been added to the gallery.

Felicity also appears in November’s edition of Elle US, looking absolutely stunning. This is easily my favourite photoshoot – I don’t know how she does it!

In other news, Fliss is featured in the November edition of Glamour (US) – I’d really appreciate it if anyone who gets their hands on a copy could scan the pictures for us!

Oct 11

Thanks to the lovely Carly, I have added a new photoshoot and some pictures of Felicity attending another screening of Like Crazy on the 5th October to the gallery. Enjoy!

Oct 11

Felicity appears in the October 2011 British Vogue, posing for a beautiful photograph shot by Jason Bell. Find the gorgeous image in our gallery.

Sep 11

Thanks to Jacqueline over at The Fashion Spot, we now have some better quality scans of Felicity and Anton’s feature in this month’s Instyle magazine – she looks simply stunning!

Sep 11

Last night Felicity was seen supporting Dolce and Gabbana at Milan Fashion week. She was first spotted at D&G’s Gold restaurant, and then later in the front row of their runway performance. I must say she looks absolutely fierce in these photos, and I adore her outfit from the fashion show itself!

Sep 11

With thanks for Felicity Jones Fans for the heads up, we know that Felicity recently attended the Aspen Film Festival to promote Like Crazy with her costars. Two images from this event have been added to the gallery – I love her outfit, as always!

While Like Crazy promotion continues, it has been announced that it will also be screening at the Napa Valley Film Festival, ‘Screening at 5:30 pm Sunday, November 13, at the Napa Valley Opera House!’

Lastly, but certainly not least, Felicity has been featured on Details.com alongside a new photoshoot image. After a far bit of searching I have managed to find the whole set of images from the shoot and have, of course, added them to the gallery for your viewing pleasure.

Many young actresses take their work too seriously, but not Felicity Jones. A recent starring role in the 18th-century tragedy Luise Miller on London’s West End required the 27-year-old Brit to die a terrible death each night, but in one performance she opted to keel over with a big smile on her face. “A cast member dared me to,” she explains. “Everyone thinks we’re solemn, but there were a lot of jokes going on.”

That sense of spontaneity proved useful to Jones, who has been acting since she was 11, in her American big break, Like Crazy, a largely improvised tale of college sweethearts struggling to maintain a transatlantic relationship. “The first few days of shooting were incredibly frightening,” she says of the Sundance hit, in theaters this month. “There’s no script. But after a few takes, you find the right words.”

Director Drake Doremus was so impressed by Jones that he cast her in his next film, a drama about a coquette who tempts her teacher (Guy Pearce). But up first is the comedy Hysteria. “It’s about the invention of the vibrator,” Jones says with a laugh. “There’s a scene in which my character decides to give the machine a go. Doing that in front of the entire crew was . . . interesting.” Talk about an actress with buzz.

Current Projects
On the Basis of Sex
Released in 2018
Felicity as Ruth Bader Ginsburg
The story of Ruth Bader Ginsburg, her struggles for equal rights and what she had to overcome in order to become a U.S. Supreme Court Justice.
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The Aeronauts
Rumoured 2018
Felicity as Amelia Wren
Pilot Amelia Wren and scientist James Glaisher find themselves in an epic fight for survival while attempting to make discoveries in a hot air balloon.
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Swan Lake
Coming 2019
Felicity as Unknown
Synopsis coming soon.
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